Lord of the Ants

Meet Edward Osborne E.O. Wilson, an American biologist, researcher, theorist, environmental advocate, Pulitzer Prize winner and author. He is widely considered the father of sociobiology and is the world’s leading authority on myrmecology- the study of ants.

In 1975, E.O. Wilson wrote “Sociobiology: The New Synthesis”, a book about social behaviors being an evolutionary adaptation. It would go on to spark one of the greatest scientific controversies of the 20th century: the sociobiology debate.

Narrated by actor Harrison Ford, Lord of the Ants pulls through as a great documentary. Its love for detail in film work and engaging topic makes it stand out from most TV documentaries. Join in as we follow E.O. Wilson in Lord of the Ants, as he explains his theories, the importance of biodiversity and why his inspiration lies in ants.