Making money from betting and arbing bookies

A recent documentary on TV highlighted the power of mathematics when it comes to making a profit from betting. In years gone by only maths geniuses would be able to beat the bookies. Card counting was one way they did it and casinos were quick to learn what these people were doing and ban them.

Bookies don’t want you to win and when you do they get unhappy and they will ban you from using their service. It’s a joke really. They are happy to take money from gambling addicts but not from people looking for an edge in the odds.

These days anybody with half a brain can get an edge using online software. This software analyses all the odds from all the bookies and presents it to the user in a clear to understand way. They can they use this information to make a profit. This is big business online and there are many methods for doing beating the bookies.

One of the easiest ways is arbing. Simply backing and laying bets to make an instant profit. This can only work when the bookie offers better odds than the exchange. They know this so bookies will cut their odds fast. Any switched on punter should be placing all their bets at the exchange to get the best value but that’s another story.

Another way to profit is from matched betting, this is the process of extracting free bets from bookies in a risk free way and then using them to make a profit.

There are a few matched betting services popping up on the internet these days and many of them are better than others. The two that have been around the longest are Profit accumulator and Oddsmonkey, you can read an Oddsmonkey review here.

They provide punters with oddsmatching software that allows them to take arbs and find free bets. It’s a relatively simple process that thousands of people are taking advantage of. Bookies will be quick to limit the accounts of these punters but while it lasts there is a lot of easy money to make. Many people are making 4 figures a month quite regularly. Another great thing about this is that in the UK it is all tax free earnings.

I’ve never been a gambler as I know the bookie always has the edge so I was fascinated to read about this subject. I’m sure we have all had fantasises about coming up with a betting system that can make us a fortune. This is pretty much the closest thing you are going to come to that. It’s a very profitable system and even better, it’s risk free.